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"Arriving out of nowhere, Black Grape's debut, "It's Great When You're Straight ... Yeah!" was a complete surprise, a post-acid house party record that delivered on all of the Happy Mondays' promise.  It was a kinetic, exciting record that disregarded boundaries between rap, house, rock, soul and pop. "  All Music.

We're mighty delighted to be working with Shaun Ryder on his Black Grape and solo catalog! He has reformed Black Grape, still tours with Happy Mondays, has a solo album in the can, and has just released a fantastic new Black Grape album with Youth helming the Production,  and is on UK TVs more often than the Weather Man!  Shaun is also known for his work with Gorillaz, he co-wrote and sang their #1 Single "Dare" from their multi platinum worldwide hit album 'Demon Days'.