Making Your Music Work For You

401K is a Brooklyn based Music Publishing, Artist Rights and Artist Management Company. 

More info than you probably ever wanted to know …. 


401K Music is a full service Independent Music Publishing, Management, Record Label and Artists Rights company with a heavy and continued emphasis on Artist Development, we invest time and money into our Writers and Artists, building them solid careers.  

401K Music not only creates and collects publishing revenues for our Writers but guides and counsels Artists by both offering strong management support to their existing personal managers and creating worldwide career building connections and introductions.  

We fund bands in ways that make individual sense for them, be it in recordings, press, promotion, videos, touring, equipment purchase, etc.  We have discovered, developed and released records for new bands such as Bear Hands, Spires, Drug Cabin  & The High Fidelity and continue to bring new opportunities and life into the catalogs of established bands such as Talking Heads, B-52's, Black Grape, Tom Tom Club and Aztec Camera. 

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401K is a personal, focused, pro-active and creative music company, someone who works directly for you and your career, however you want them to - something every Artist and Writer can feel comfortable with.  Obviously the needs of an established Artist or Songwriter are different to those just starting out. These are just some of the things we do:

  •  Copyright Administration – Efficiently registering songs worldwide with Performing Rights Organizations and the Copyright Office, tracking/collecting royalties and paying Songwriters in a timely, transparent and accurate manner. Additionally assisting in any legal claims arising from 3rd party infringement or negligence. 
  •  Development – Making the connections between new and upcoming Artists and a team that can propel them to both financial and artistic success. We can introduce them to worldwide booking agents, record labels, publishing companies, PR companies, marketing and promotion companies, business managers, lawyers, merchandise companies, record producers and photographers. We know how to find professional contacts that are experienced, dedicated and honest.
  • Recordings and Record Releases – a Song is just an idea until a recording is made of it, we will help you make good quality recordings with great Producers and Mixers and get them released and promoted.
  • Licensing – Paying extremely close interest to TV, film and advertising synchronization placement and licensing throughout the world which has begun to supplant record sales as a primary revenue stream. We actively promote you and your music to Music Supervisors, Ad Agencies and the like.  Handling all negotiations and back-room logistics, contracts and fees.
  •  Historical "Rock Detective" work - chances are you've missed out on money in the past.  We will trawl every possible source of money that has ever been due to you worldwide, be it as an Artist or Songwriter, and get you paid. 
  • Career Guidance - With careful individual consideration towards career longevity, financial success and security we ensure that each artist’s needs, both creative and monetarily, are met. Strategizing and implementing Artists worldwide careers by formulating, facilitating and co-coordinating release plans with their Manager and their surrounding touring, press and promotional activities. 

We are proud to be 100% independent and are represented by the best Sub-Publishers in each country, most of them independently owned.  They do an exceptional job of copyright protection, royalty collection, synch procurement and general creative support and cheerleading for our Writers.  They include Mute Song in the UK & Ireland and Mushroom Music in Australasia.


VERONICA GRETTON – Working in London, Los Angeles and New York over the past quarter century with iconic, genre defining and multi-platinum sellers such as The Cure, Talking Heads, The Stone Roses, The Ramones, Tori Amos, Live, Black Grape, Ambulance Ltd, Tom Tom Club, The Pogues, The God Machine and Mick Jones of The Clash, she has accumulated an outstanding knowledge of all areas of the business not only relating to Publishing and Management, but Recording, A&R, Artist Development, Branding, Synchronization & Licensing, International, Touring and Artist Management.